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What To Pack for Your First Camping Trip

Camping is a great way to unplug from your everyday life and enjoy time in the great outdoors. Spending time in nature, whether it’s beside a forest, beach, mountain or desert, gives you a different perspective on life.

If this is your first camping trip, you may be wondering what to pack. You don’t want to overpack and bring too many items, but you want to make sure to have all you need. Here is a list of what to toss in your duffel bag for your first camping trip.

Layering Clothes

Expect temperature changes at your camping location. Morning and evenings are cooler, while the sun warms up the air during the day. The best camping clothing Canada are pieces you can layer on and off throughout the day and into the evening to accommodate the temperature fluctuations. Pack a couple of options of shorts, long pants, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and sweaters or jackets.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must when camping. You need a closed-toe pair to wear around the campsite to protect your feet. If you buy new ones for the trip, make sure you break them in before you leave. Getting blisters are a sure-fire way to put a damper on your trip.

If you’re camping in a forest or mountain setting, you’ll need a good pair of hiking boots. It’s worth it to spend as much as you can afford to invest in well-built boots that provide the support you need in your ankles and feet. Choose a comfortable pair that fit snugly but have room for your toes to move around in the toe box. To avoid blisters, make sure the boots don’t rub on any area of your skin. Wear them around your house or yard in the days before your trip to break them in.

If you’re camping near the water, bring a pair of waterproof boat shoes.

Weather Gear

Unless you are camping in the desert, you need to be prepared for all types of weather. Bring a floppy hat to shade your face from the sun and a knit one to keep your head and ears warm on chilly evenings. Don’t forget sunscreen and your sunglasses.

If the area you’re camping in gets lots of rain, pack a hooded rain parka and a pair of waterproof pants. 

Having these essentials provides you with the basics you need to enjoy your first camping trip. 

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