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Benefits of Serving as a Notary Public

Notaries serve as witnesses. Public demand for notaries is significant because they protect companies and individuals from identity theft and fraud. Whether you are thinking about applying for a notary commission or are looking into your Florida notary renewal, you should understand the benefits of serving as a notary.

Resume Improvement

Most companies require notaries. For example, notaries are common in the banking, medical, legal, government and insurance fields. They are also commonly found in companies that frequently make deals and sign contracts with other firms or individuals. Document authentication is vital in business, so notary skills are valuable. Therefore, someone with an existing commission may be looked at more favorably than someone without a commission.

Expanded Income Potential

When you receive a notary commission, it belongs to you. Even if your company helps you pay for the training and application fees, you own your commission and supplies. This means that whether you work for a specific company or not, you can provide notary services to anyone. For example, if your neighbor needs you to notarize his car sale, you can charge for that service. In fact, Florida notaries can charge at least $10 per notarization, not including travel and other expenses, which can also be collected. A $10 fee is a pretty nice income for five or ten minutes of work.

Notary signing agents, who have had additional training, can make even greater incomes. As a signing agent, you travel to individuals’ homes and businesses to notarize financial documents, such as mortgages and make a much higher income than other notaries.

Work Flexibility

Because you own your commission, you can work anywhere and anytime it is convenient for you. For example, if you need to work in the evenings and weekends because you stay home with your children while your spouse works, you just schedule your appointments during these times. It is entirely up to you when and how often you work.

Job Ease

Your job as a notary is to witness document signings. You have to verify identity and ensure the correct person is signing each document. You should also determine whether the person signing the document has the cognitive capacity to do so and is not under duress.

You will also note any notarizations you complete in a notary journal. You are responsible for keeping your journal and stamps secured at all times. Finally, you have the opportunity to choose your clients, but you cannot notarize documents in which you have a personal interest.

If you are looking for some easy extra income, consider becoming a notary public.

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