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Do You Need Window Grids?

Whether or not to install grids when replacing your window is a tough decision for most homeowners. Here are some tips that can help make this decision a little easier. 

Do They Serve a Purpose?

Historic homes have grids that function to hold smaller panes of glass together. When colonists first arrived, they set up a glass factory in Jamestown. Here, they were able to produce glass for both the colonies and London.

However, it wasn’t easy to ship large panes of glass out of Jamestown during the colonial era without breaking them. Therefore, they sent them in small pieces. Grids held these pieces together and allowed people to have full-sized windows in their homes. These should remain in place if you have a colonial-era home. 

Are They Are on the Outside?

Window grids that were manufactured after larger panes became common, but before double panes were invented are located outside your window. If you have these in your home, it can be tough to clean your windows. Fortunately, modern windows come with grids between the two panes. That means you should replace any windows with exterior grids with ones with two panes, whether or not you choose to have grids. This change will make it much easier to clean your windows. 

Do They Match the Architectural Style of Your House?

One of the most significant factors that could impact your decision is the matter of your home’s architectural style. Of course, grids are a must if you have a traditional style, but contemporary styles can get away with minimal or no grids.

For example, colonial styles look best when their windows have grids. After all, these homes have been here since glass was being shipped out of Jamestown. Meanwhile, a contemporary-style home wouldn’t require grids. After all, double-pane windows had been invented when this style developed. 

Do They Obscure Your View?

Grids can obscure your view, which can be even more concerning than the threat of energy inefficiency that old-school muntins presented. So any picture windows or other large pieces of glass that offer killer views in your home should not have grids. 

Do They Affect Your Curb Appeal?

Today’s houses are all about their curb appeal, and grids can impact this. Therefore, you want to think about how having or not having grids can affect the visual aesthetic of your home. 

It is up to you to decide if grids are the right option for your home. However, keeping this information in mind will help make this decision a little easier. 

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