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Ways a Lawyer Can Help After You Were Denied Asylum

Political asylum is a beneficial process that helps to protect the lives of people in other countries. However, there are many reasons that you might be denied and need a legal professional to avoid any complications or confusion.

Reasons for Asylum

Discrimination takes on many forms and can become persecution in some countries. Just a few common persecution issues center on:

  • Race – Many countries worldwide still discriminate against other races openly, which may cause suffering that may only be alleviated by leaving. 
  • Religion – Beliefs often inspire people to their best and worst behaviors. Therefore, it is crucial to get asylum if you are punished for your beliefs. 
  • Social Status – If your nationality or social group is discriminated against (such as if a country has harsh rules against LGBTQ+ people and you fall in this category), asylum may be granted. 
  • Political Opinion or Ideas – Some countries do not allow a free exchange of political ideas, meaning you may need asylum if you disagree with the government. 

You must prove that you suffer from this discrimination and that it has affected your life before you get asylum. You must verify that you are in grave danger to get asylum and get permission to work in the country. And if you’re denied for any reason, you must appeal this decision to get the help you need.

Denial is Possible 

After you send in your application for asylum, you need to wait to see what the legal officials say. And while asylum is granted to many people every year, many more are denied. Your intent to deny statement (which is given to you after your denial) will explain these reasons. 

Sometimes, these denial reasons are primary and can be easily overcome. For example, you may have made an error preparing your paperwork and need to appeal or reapply. However, there may be more serious issues at work here, including problems like:

  • A Lack of Evidence – If your asylum authorities don’t find enough evidence to show that you need help, they may deny your claim and keep you trapped in a problematic situation. 
  • A Low Level of Severity – Though your situation may be quite dangerous to you, your asylum officials may see it in another way and deny you, believing you’re safer than you appear. 
  • An Inability to Place You – Asylum often depends on having enough places for people seeking asylum to go. If you aren’t careful, you may be denied because there’s no place for you to go. 
  • A Change in Political Situations – Sometimes, asylum situations change because policies change with new officials, meaning you could struggle to get accepted. 

Whatever your situation, it is critical to work with a legal team that can help you. You have 16 days to respond to your claim and show evidence to appeal the case. A good lawyer can help you handle this process and improve your chances of getting your asylum approved. 

If you are still denied, you get a Final Denial notice, meaning that you cannot get asylum. While you can apply again, you must also show that your situation has changed. New evidence must be submitted to show that your current living situation worsens and requires asylum to protect you. 

Legal Protection is Essential 

If you’re seeking asylum and are struggling to get accepted, you need to find legal help. You deserve to get protected if you are suffering, and high-quality legal professionals can ensure that you don’t experience too many complications. Talk to a San Jose asylum lawyer about your situation to learn more. These experts will do what they can to help ensure that you are satisfied with your legal protection.

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