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3 Things to Consider When Designing a Fence

Building a new fence for your backyard or property line can be a big undertaking. There are lots of factors to consider as you design and work through the logistics of this complex project. To ensure you cover your bases through the design and building process, consider these factors.

Building Material

One of the most important factors when designing a fence is what materials you’ll use to create it. Wood or imitation wood fencing is often easiest for beginners to install, and it also has a good balance of affordability and durability. Wire fencing also rates as fairly user-friendly, but it can be tedious to install. Aluminum or iron fences are often more complex to design and install (requiring a higher level of skill to ensure they are set correctly), but they will generally outlast natural materials such as wood and bamboo. 

Fence Posts

The fence posts are a crucial part of any fence project. They affect the fence’s overall look, safety and longevity, so a lot of care should be put into their design and installation. Some styles of fencing (such as wire fences) may be quite solid with pound-in style posts combined with a few earth-set cemented posts, but most fences require exclusively cemented posts to ensure longevity and safety. Much care should be taken to ensure that posts are level, secure and accurately positioned. Very durable materials (such as metal or pressure-treated wood) are ideal for fence posts since they tend to withstand the elements better than plain lumber.

Overall Design

Consider the purposes and the desired look for your fence when you design it. For instance, is the fencing meant for keeping in livestock or pets? Is it for increasing backyard privacy? Is it simply a decorative addition to a yard or garden? Each of these factors will impact the fence’s design. Functionality is just as important as appearance. To this end, ensure that the design you have chosen accurately reflects your desired style as well. For instance, a country home will look just right with a split-rail fence or picket fence, while a modern city dwelling may do better with a minimalistic aluminum fence or sleek iron fence.

Designing a fence is a complex project, but it can be made more manageable by keeping in mind the right factors. With attention given to materials, construction and design variables, you can ensure that your fence is functional and beautiful.

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