5 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Cowboys

Technology has changed the interests of kids over the years, but old standards such as cowboys, horses, trains and tractors still remain favorites for many youngsters. If your child is obsessed with cowboy stuff, consider one of these five gift ideas.

1. Cowboy Clothing

Kids love to play dress up and your cowboy-obsessed child will adore the chance to emulate the iconic western wear of the American cowboy. Essential items include a cowboy hat, western shirt, cowboy boots, jeans, spurs, chaps and a leather belt with a boys western belt buckle. The quality of these items can vary depending on whether you want something your child can wear as regular clothing or you are looking for something purely intended for playtime.

2. Wooden Stick Horse

Every cowboy needs a horse. Wooden stick horses have long been a favorite toy of horse-obsessed children. These toys are inexpensive and durable and provide your child with endless opportunities for imaginative play. You can even make your own version with a broomstick and a felt horse head. 

3. Toy Pistols and Holsters

Another cowboy staple is a pistol and holster. Toy guns are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and qualities. Some models may break easily or have small parts that could come off and pose a danger to young children, so choose something age-appropriate. Additionally, look for toy guns with safety features, such as different color barrels. A toy that looks too much like a real gun can lead to accidents. 

4. Cowboy Movies

Many cowboy movies, television series and cartoons have been produced over the years. Your child may enjoy recent cowboy-themed movies, such as the “Toy Story” series, or prefer classics, such as “Roy Rogers,” “The Lone Ranger” or “Wagon Train.” Many of these movies and series are available on Blu-Ray discs or streaming services. 

5. Cowboy Books

Encourage your child to read by purchasing cowboy books. Popular titles include “The Brave Cowboy,” “Why Cowboys Sleep With Their Boots On” and “Cowboy Small.” Your child may also enjoy non-fiction titles that focus on the Old West and other cowboy themes. If your child is too young to read, you can purchase titles that you will enjoy reading together. 

Whether your child is going through a cowboy phase or beginning a lifelong love affair with the cowboy lifestyle, these gift ideas are sure to be a hit. The possibilities are limited only by your child’s imagination.

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