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3 Unusual Places To Vacation in the Fall

Sure, most families think about taking a summer vacation. Unfortunately, everyone else is thinking the same way. With the rise of year-round schools, it’s no longer necessary to plan your family trip around a few weeks in high summer when tourists crowd all the attractions and the heat is melting. Here are three places to consider for a family vacation this fall.

1. The Islands of North Carolina

North Carolina in November is perfect weather, with highs in the 70s and lows in the mid-50s. Look at North Carolina beachfront rentals located on various coastal islands like Bald Head Island off the coast of Southport or the Outer Banks stretching just off the coast from Virginia Beach to Jacksonville. You’ll see historic lighthouses and enjoy miles of golden sand.

Choose Bald Head Island for a back-to-nature experience where cars aren’t allowed. The Outer Banks allows drivers to take their SUVs right down to the water. No matter which you choose, the islands offer a window into some of the wildest territory on the East Coast.

2. Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff might be the winter playground of northern Arizona, but there are plenty of reasons to visit in the fall. Its Pickin in the Pines bluegrass festival in September is a nationwide draw for bluegrass music lovers. The Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival is learning from its more well-known neighbor in Cedar City and adding fall productions.

Outdoor enthusiasts can always find something to do in Flagstaff. Take a hike to see the golden Aspens as they put on their fall colors or join a skywatching party to see some of the most unpolluted night skies in the U.S.

3. Black Hills, South Dakota

If Deadwood caught your imagination but you don’t want to deal with thousands of bikers, hit South Dakota in the fall. The Black Hills aren’t just the home of Mount Rushmore. After you visit the historic landmark, get out your canoes and kayaks. The region is home to many beautiful lakes and rivers. Spend a day on Bear Butte Lake outside Sturgis, Shadehill Recreation Area near Lemmon or try a river that even beginners will love, like the Belle Fourche. 

Show up at the end of September if you want to see the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup. There’s even an annual Oktoberfest in Deadwood. Visit the historic site of Wild Bill Hickok’s murder and enjoy an oompah band. 

Pick your spot. With beautiful weather and amazing sites, any of these vacation destinations make the perfect family fall stop.

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