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5 Tips for New Boat Owners

Cruising around on a boat is a dream for many. Before you can realize that dream you must be sure that you have everything in place for safe and legal boating. Follow the tips below and make your dream a reality.

1. Follow the Legal Protocol

Before boating anywhere, it is important to obtain all of the proper legal documentation. Get your boat registered with the state and obtain a boating license for yourself. You want to be water-ready before actually taking your boat on the water in case you are approached by authorities. 

2. Play it Safe

As required by law, you must have enough life vests for everyone present onboard your boat. To ensure you don’t forget to pack life vests, strongly consider keeping them stored on your boat. Additionally, pack a first aid kit in case anyone is injured while out on an excursion. Lastly, let someone on land know which marina with boat lifts South Florida you will leave from and where you are planning to boat that day in case you are late returning. This way, someone can provide the authorities with your trip details. 

3. Check the Weather

Before embarking on a boating journey, it is imperative to check the local weather forecast for that day. As the day approaches, continue checking the weather and remember to do so the morning of the outing. Better safe than sorry when it comes to ensuring safe boating weather.

4. Pack Refreshments

It is important to keep everyone hydrated and nourished while out on the water. If you have a small boat without a refrigerator, pack a cooler full of water and other preferred beverages for each trip. Time spent boating in the sun creates an appetite, so bring along plenty of snacks for the trip. Try bringing mostly non-perishables so you aren’t lugging multiple coolers onto the boat.

5. Dress Appropriately

First-time boaters may be unsure how to dress for outings. Dressing in layers is always a safe bet. While it may be warm on land, the open water is often a different story. For this reason, packing or wearing a few extra layers will keep you comfortable all throughout your trip. Sunglasses and even a hat are advisable to help keep you protected from the sun’s strong rays.

Boating safely takes planning and preparation. Be sure to follow the legal protocol, play it safe, check the weather, pack refreshments and dress appropriately for an enjoyable outing on your beloved boat.

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