Apartment Building Upkeep

As the owner of an apartment building, you have your hands full with maintenance and tenant turnover. It’s best to stay on top of external maintenance before small problems turn into huge headaches. Below are a few tips to help you stay on top of your rental property maintenance.

Door and Window Upkeep

The landlord of a rental property is responsible for keeping doors and windows in functional condition. All apartment windows Burlington County NJ should be kept in functional and safe working order. Doors or windows that do not work properly are unacceptable and must be replaced, especially if the tenant requests that you do so.

Exterior Wall Maintenance

Landlords are responsible to repair any issues with the exterior walls of their rental property. Cracks and holes may be an indication of a more serious issue, such as structural damage. If your tenant mentions any issues with the exterior walls of your property, you should have it looked into right away. The safety of your tenants is your first responsibility, and you don’t want your negligence to be the cause of an injury. 

Roof Preservation

Proper roof maintenance is the responsibility of the landlord. Failure to fix minor roofing issues could lead to disastrous consequences such as water in the interior of the home potentially impacting your electrical work, insulation drywall and just about everything else inside the property. Take the time to repair minor roofing issues in an attempt to keep your roof for as many years as possible.

Gutter Care

No one enjoys the task of cleaning out the gutters, but as a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure the gutters are clear in your rental property. Clogged gutters can lead to water issues in and around windows, which can cause far more problems than necessary when ignored. Further, as landlord, you are responsible to ensure gutters are hanging correctly and fully functional.

To sum it up, maintaining the exterior of your property can keep you from making costly repairs to both the exterior and interior of your property. Neglecting the exterior of a property inevitably leads to issues on the interior of the home as well. This ends up costing more than you would have spent had you repaired the original issue when it was brought to your attention. Address issues as timely as possible in your rental property, and you will save yourself from future dilemmas (and possible lawsuits).

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