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Different Features You Might Find in a City Park

Have you ever wondered about the different features that make city parks so great? Not every outdoor area is created equally, and some places have different items than others. Many parks are known for having playgrounds for small children, but there are many other reasons that cities around the world choose to build outdoor parks.

Lakes and Ponds

Many people find it relaxing to go to their neighborhood park and sit on a bench by the side of a twinkling lake or pond. These bodies of water usually attract waterfowl like ducks and geese. People enjoy bringing a loaf of bread to feed to wild birds at their favorite park. To maintain these bodies of water, certain devices need to be installed to keep them clean and free of disease. One way to keep the water clean is with the help of things like aeration systems Florida.

Disc Golf Courses

You might be surprised to find out that the park by your house also has a disc golf course. This kind of game is growing in popularity and is also a great form of exercise. The activity consists of a course of netted cages that serve as the “holes” to land the disc. People toss a plastic disc in the direction of the cage and try to make it in with as few throws as possible. These kinds of courses don’t require the same kind of maintenance as actual golf courses do and are less expensive for cities as a result.

Hiking Trails

If a park has areas of woods or other vegetation, then these make good places for hiking trails. Many parks include paved trails that people can use on foot or with a bicycle. People enjoy taking walks near pretty landscapes. If the park has a lake or pond, a hiking trail could be placed around the edge of the water. If the trails pass by any notable features or wildlife, then you will usually notice plaques that explain the specific area. This allows hikers to get more education about the area around them, and can also warn people about potential hazards they should be looking out for.

Take the time to see what features are inside your favorite park. Spending more time outdoors is better for your health, and finding new places to exercise is always a good idea. You never know what you might find inside your local park.

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