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Vacation Rental Tips

Transportation and lodging are typically the two largest vacation expenses. Therefore, finding the right vacation rental for the right price can be a frustrating process. However, your lodging can ensure your trip is great or make it terrible. These are several tips for finding a great vacation rental.

Plan Ahead

While you can typically find a hotel room during peak season in most locations, this won’t be the case for vacation rentals. Therefore, you should start your vacation planning at least one year in advance. After you have decided where you want to say, you can begin your search for lodging. For example, you may search for Beach House Rentals Newport Beach CA. If you start early, you have ample time to look over rental contracts and ensure that the property has everything you need.

Set Your Lodging Goals

Your first step should be determining what type of property you want to rent. For example, if you are going on vacation with your significant other, you may prefer a hotel room, but if you are bringing a large family, a vacation rental may be much less expensive. Also, you should identify where you want to stay. Go further than naming the city, and choose the neighborhood or attractions you want to be close to. You may want to vacation in Washington DC and only need to be close to a Metro station, or you may prefer to stay in the heart of the city where you can walk to all the museums and monuments. Perhaps you want something that is on the water.

Finally, list the vacation property features you prefer. How many people does it need to sleep? Do you want a washing machine, pool or central air conditioning? Does the rental need to be pet friendly? To ensure all your needs are met, you should consciously list them before you begin your search.

Don’t Fear Separation

If you are traveling with a large group, you don’t have to find a property that will fit you all. For example, you may be traveling with 30 people. It is unlikely that they will all fit in the same home. Therefore, be flexible with your lodging. You may choose to rent several condos in the same building or homes that are within a five-mile radius. When everyone isn’t forced together, they are more comfortable and have more privacy.

If you are planning a vacation and don’t want to stay in a hotel, find a great vacation rental.

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