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Noninvasive Plastic Surgery Treatments To Consider

Whether you want to make some changes to your face or your body, you want to choose something that doesn’t require a lot of downtime. Thankfully, with noninvasive plastic surgery, you can get the amazing results you’re looking for and can be back at work the same day in most cases. Here are some noninvasive plastic surgery treatments you should consider. 

Chemical Peels

If you aren’t happy with the skin on your face, you should look into chemical peels. They can help improve scarring and remove wrinkles and fine lines. They’ll also help if you have an uneven skin tone or rough, sun-damaged skin. 

Chemical peels are done by applying a special acid to the skin. The acid acts as a chemical exfoliant and helps loosen and remove dead skin from your face. With the dead skin removed, new, healthier skin cells can grow. If you do a light chemical peel, you will be fine doing them every month. However, if you do a more intense one, you should wait about six months before doing another one. 

Body Contouring

When you do a noninvasive body contouring treatment Virginia Beach, you’ll find that stubborn fat cells are melted away, and you look and feel better. Body sculpting is especially popular in removing fat from love handles, back, outer thigh, and chin. Another benefit of body contouring is that the procedure usually tightens the surrounding skin, which also helps improve your appearance. You should start to see noticeable results about six weeks after your first procedure. 

Body contouring can be done using cold, heat, lasers, or injections to remove the fat. Because not all methods are suitable for everyone, you’ll want to talk to your doctor to find out which method is the best for you. 


If you’re tired of looking at the lines and wrinkles on your face, then you should consider using fillers. The fillers are typically made up of primarily hyaluronic acid, which helps pull moisture from your body to help create a fuller look in the targeted area. With the fuller look, you’ll find that your skin looks smoother, and your wrinkles and lines are gone. You’ll likely find that you want to get a touch-up every four to six months to always look as good as possible. 

Relaxing Injectables

There are some areas of your face that you might not want to look fuller, yet you still don’t want to walk around with wrinkles and forehead creases. Relaxing injectables are injected into your problem areas, and they calm the facial muscles causing the problems. There is almost no pain with the injections, and the results last for up to six months. 

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