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Quick Cleaning Tips for Hotel Stays

Part of the appeal of staying at a hotel or resort is that you don’t have to clean your own room or make your own bed. However, guests should perform some housekeeping tasks upon entering their new lodging, whether it is a roadside motel or an exclusive resort. You do not have to carry an arsenal of cleaning products. These easy sanitation tips won’t take a lot of time but will give you some peace of mind.


Before you toss off your coat and flop on the bed, follow these steps. First, ditch the hotel quilt. These bedspreads are not washed as often as the sheets. Sheets are washed daily with bleach in most hotels. The quilts are not. You can call the front desk to ask how often they are washed and hope for an honest answer. Or, you can bring a blanket of your own to use in place of the hotel quilt.

Second, check for bed bugs Fort Myers. Beg bugs are about as small as ticks and reddish-brown in color. Although they were mostly eradicated in North America, they hitch rides in overseas luggage and pop up at hotels every so often. They are usually exterminated quickly and quietly, but it is worth taking five minutes to check your bed.

Remember, bed bugs are not dangerous. They are a nuisance, and if you have them in your hotel room, you could easily bring them back home. Lift up the mattress and look underneath for small reddish-brown dots. These would be dead bed bugs. The live ones hide in the crevices of a mattress. To find these, run the edge of a credit card along the crevices in your mattress and see what comes out.


A few antibacterial wipes go a long way. Wipe frequently touched surfaces but don’t go crazy. Go over the light switches, remote control and phone. In the bathroom, clean the toilet handle, faucet handles and the shower door handle. You can also travel with a UV light wand. These take about 10 seconds to disinfect a surface so make sure you are lighting the area for at least that long.


The ice bucket and complimentary glasses are a hot spot for germs. They may only be rinsed by cleaning staff or wiped down with a sponge. You do not want to think about what else those sponges touched. You can run the glassware under hot water for five minutes before use. Clean the ice bucket with an antibacterial wipe and be sure to use the liners provided.

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