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Three Important Gun Safety Tips

Any kind of weapon, especially a gun, has the potential to hurt you or someone you don’t intend to hurt if it is not used properly. The best thing that you can do to prevent unintentional injuries is to practice proper gun safety procedures. Here are three tips that experts in this area recommend that you follow. 

1. Take Care With Where You Point Your Gun

Never point your gun at things you don’t intend to shoot, even when you are in a controlled target practice area. Follow this rule even if you know that your gun is unloaded. If you get in the habit of pointing your gun in unsafe directions while it’s unloaded, it makes it easier to accidentally point it this way when it’s loaded. This can then lead to destructive, harmful, or deadly situations. Keep your gun in your concealed carry shorts or other concealment clothing until you’re at your practice session or on the job if you are in law enforcement.

2. Learn How To Operate Your Specific Gun Properly

Many operation rules apply to all types of guns. These include making sure the gun is free of obstructions before you fire it and not putting your finger on the gun’s trigger before you intend to fire. However, there are many different models and makes of guns. Each of them works a specific way. You should take the time to learn exactly how your particular gun works before you use it. It is also important to understand which bullets are used for your specific gun. This will help you use it properly.

3. Be Hyper-Aware of Your Surroundings and Tread Carefully

If you trip over something while holding a gun, you may accidentally fire it. The same thing can happen if you’re startled. To prevent accidents from happening when holding onto a firearm, you must be acutely aware of everything around you that could cause you to make sudden movements. Keep your eyes and ears keenly focused on everything around you in your environment. You should also make your steps slow and deliberate while you’re moving around and keep the safety on, if at all possible. 

Taking a gun safety course before you purchase a gun will teach you many important things about using and caring for your weapon. Whether you use it for target practice, big game hunting, or on the job, safety is critical. 

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