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Tips for Creating a Year-Round Landscape

Your lawn and landscaping can significantly increase the curb appeal of your home. However, it can also encourage you and your family to spend more time outside, enjoying the fresh air and calming environment. Fortunately, great landscaping doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These are a few tips for creating an attractive four-season landscape.

Choose a Variety of Plants

If you are concerned about year-round landscaping Kent, your first task is to choose a variety of plants. A local landscaper or nursery can provide you with a list of the plants that grow well in your area and great suggestions for combinations. You should add groundcovers, bushes, trees and flowers, but be sure they are different heights, sizes and colors. Include pines and evergreens for winter foliage.

Add Visual Appeal

Your landscape should not have long expanses of green that aren’t broken up by some kind of visually appealing feature. For example, you can place one or more large boulders in long expanses of grass to break up the texture of the landscape. You may also install a sculpture or berm with a tree, several rocks and other flowering plants in the corner of your yard.

Also, avoid straight lines and squares. Your home typically has harsh corners and lines, and your landscape can make this feel rigid and sterile if the lines are too sharp. Therefore, build curved beds and berms.

Install Strategic Walkways

You can discourage people from trampling through your lawn by installing strategic walkways. Connect your main areas, such as your fire pit, deck or patio, garden and sidewalks with attractive footpaths. You can use concrete, brick or natural stone, including crushed stone, to keep others from wearing paths into your grass. However, avoid straight lines. Instead, create paths with curves that meander along without taking you too far off course. Choose a material that will complement your home’s exterior to create attractive walkways.

Add Features

You may also install sculptures, decks or patios or water features to add visual appeal. If you use water features, be consider making them look natural by using natural stone or making it an extension of its natural environment. Outdoor seating areas in various locations also give you additional escapes, especially if these areas are surrounded by tall flowers or plants. You may even add a hammock or larger bench where you can take a nap. Don’t forget to add lighting to highlight your landscape.

Whether you are trying to sell your home or you just want to make the outside more attractive and welcoming, consider upgrading your landscaping.

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