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Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen

Small kitchens can easily become cluttered with pots, pans, utensils, coffee cans and more. It can be overwhelming to attempt to de-clutter kitchen cabinets and countertops spilling over with food and everyday items. Keep calm and read on for tips on how to gain some peace of mind and much-needed counter space back. 

Baker’s Racks

If you have unused wall space in your kitchen, adding a baker’s rack could be beneficial to you. Baker’s racks can house your baking essentials such as flour, sugar and baking soda. Purchasing a baker’s rack with swivel wheels would give you the freedom to rearrange your new shelving should the need arise.

Pot Racks

Adding a wall or ceiling-mounted pot rack can free up one or two entire cabinets in your kitchen by moving all of your pots and pans from the cabinet to a hanging position. This will also give you a chance to show off those lovely pots you splurged on but have not really gotten to admire other than when they are drying in the dish rack. Further, a pot rack makes for easy access to your pots and pans which are often some of your most-used kitchen tools.

Risers on All Shelves

Maximize the space within existing cabinets by adding risers within your cabinets. Risers are a relatively inexpensive way to ensure you utilize all available cabinet space in your kitchen. You place risers in your cabinets and they work as additional shelving. For example, if you place a riser over where you keep your plates, you can store cups or bowls over top of the plates. This will allow you to stash other items, such as much-needed coffee, in the space where previously your cups or bowls could be found.

Mug Racks

Mug racks hanging below cabinets can also clear up space within your limited cabinet space. Hanging a mug rack to the bottom of cabinets in close proximity to your coffee maker could give the added benefit of a coffee bar appearance.

Stemware Racks

In addition to hanging mugs below cabinets, stemware can also be hung from underneath cabinets with stemware racks. You could even make a small wine bar out of the area where you decide to keep your wine glasses.

Small kitchens can be difficult to keep tidy, but by being creative and doing a bit of research, you can create the kitchen you desire without giving up the functionality you need. 

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