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Picking the Right Handgun Holster for Concealed Carry

If you are interested in carrying a concealed handgun, you need to get a good quality concealed carry handgun desantis holsters. A good quality concealed carry handgun holster adds power to your self-defense capabilities. A strong holster/handgun combination is a crucial part of your concealed carry defense system. Choosing the right holster is just as important as choosing the right gun.

Three Types of Holsters

The three types of holsters include traditional leather holsters, belt-carrying holsters, and paddle holsters. With belt-carrying holsters, your handgun gets its own special attachment to the belt. Paddle holsters are designed for flexibility and easy wear and removal. The holster is slipped on over the shoulders and underneath the waistband. Both belt-carrying and paddle holsters provide a firm grip on the gun and a secure placement with the quick-detachable belt clip. Most paddle holsters have a loop or slip belt fastener at the top of the belt, while the belt-carrying variety usually has a loop or slip fastener at the front of the belt.

Buying the Right Holster

Once you know the size and weight of your handgun, finding the right concealed carry product becomes relatively easy. You can go to a sporting goods store or make an online purchase of a holster, carrying case, or other accessories. If you choose to buy your gun online, you may be offered a better price if you buy it from a popular online retailer with a high customer rating. However, remember that a good holster will not only protect your gun, but will also add comfort and ease-of-use to daily activities.

Assessing Quality

After you have selected the right type of holster, you should consider its quality. It should be made of a sturdy material that offers a comfortable fit and will not encourage the gun to slip out of your hands during the physical movement required by a concealed carry procedure. Most importantly, the retention technique of the holster you choose should offer a strong trigger pull. A strong trigger pull is essential for rapid gun draws and should always be made of a high caliber material.

Comparing With Others

When comparing different types of holsters for your concealed carry weapon, it is best to compare one another with respect to the quality of their leather construction and materials used to create them. The leather should be thick and strong, and if possible, the leather should be dyed or covered in leather. Most leather holsters for the concealed carry will come in a variety of colors of dye or cover, which makes it easy to find one that best fits your taste.

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