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The Fundamentals of Education Verification Services

Education verification services can be a helpful tool for hiring managers, but if you are not sure how these services work, you should read this article first. We will discuss how these services work, what they cost, and common misconceptions. This will help you decide whether or not education verification services are right for you. Hopefully, this article will answer your questions and help you choose the best service for your needs.


Education verification services are a way to make sure an applicant has finished school with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. Many employers receive the applicant’s transcript, which shows grades for every course they took. These results are used to match education to a job role. If an applicant is not quite at the right level for the position, education verification services can help identify any discrepancies. The process is quick and easy – contact the institution to start the process.

A third party will verify the information based on the individual’s social security number, date of birth, and full name. Some companies even verify degrees from countries outside the United States, though prices and turnaround times will vary. Some services also verify diplomas and other credentials. For example, students who earned their Master’s degree in China, for instance, could have their credentials verified through these services. While these services are relatively quick, they do cost more.


According to a new study, the cost of education verification services is now nearly $500 million per year, a substantial portion of the overall cost of student aid at public colleges and universities. But the process is ineffective in preventing misappropriation of federal financial aid – the vast majority of students selected for verification had no change in their financial aid packages. Moreover, the verification mandate places a disproportionate burden on the institutions that serve the neediest students. The cost of verification has led to calls for an examination of the program.

Although educational credentials can sometimes be hard to verify, there are several background screening services available today to help employers better screen applicants. CredentialCheck is one of these companies, offering various background screening services for a small monthly fee. Its services can ensure the accuracy of educational credentials, which is vital for the hiring process. The company also offers custom verifications on request. There are many benefits to using education verification services, including ensuring that you hire the right applicant for the job.

Common misconceptions

While searching for employment opportunities, one of the most critical parts of a resume is employment verification. Unfortunately, many people will lie about their position, the time they’ve been there, and even their education history. If you’ve been around people long enough, you’ve seen this thing happen more often than you’d think. But there is a solution. Education verification services are a great way to make sure you’re being honest about your credentials.


If you want to make sure an applicant has the right qualifications for the job they are applying for, education verification is essential. Unfortunately, many applicants embellish their educational credentials in their resumes. This practice is known as “resume padding.” A thorough education verification service can help you determine whether an applicant has earned the degrees or certificates he claims to have. Education verification services include checking a candidate’s name, dates of attendance, the primary course of study, and award date.

Many institutions now outsource their verification to a third-party company. These services can verify dates and enrollment instantly based on an individual’s social security number, date of birth, or full name. In addition, they can ascertain a degree earned outside of the United States in 200 countries. Prices and turnaround times will vary from country to country. In cases like these, verification will ensure that the certificate is genuine.

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