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When You Should and Shouldn’t Manage Your Own Wealth

When you are looking into wealth management options, wealth management experts like Frederick Baerenz would say the end game is to keep as much of your money as you can. If you can earn a little extra along the way, even better. Other experts have said that using a financial advisor could result in saving as much as 20 percent of your annual income. This is a nice nest egg that you can use down the road. 

CEO Frederick Baerenz has been doing this for years and knows that many people balk at using financial advisors because they want to keep their money. Most advisors understand this. If you are wondering whether you should get one, learn more about that to help you make your decision.

Your Finances Are Not Complicated

Are you the kind of person that can get your tax returns done in 20 minutes? Then you might not need a financial advisor, and it has nothing to do with how much money you do or don’t have. If you just want to put away a little money, for now, you won’t need an advisor to help you to open a savings account, or tax-deferred plan that can help that to grow.

If you have accounts all over the place, and just have no clue what you are doing, Google isn’t going to help you choose wealth management options. Use Google for research, but a financial advisor will help you to untangle it all, and help your money grow.

You Don’t Understand Inflation

Inflation is here again and most of us understand the general concepts. Nobody will understand how that connects to your real-life better than a financial advisor. Interest rates will fluctuate and so will the cost of goods. But not all goods will see a rise in prices. Some prices will even drop, and financial advisors will understand this better than anyone on the planet.

You may want to start saving money because inflation is rising. Then the inflation rate increasing should confuse you. It’s time to hire a financial advisor. They will help you to decide what to do with your money, and show you where the best places are to put it when the climate is a little uncertain.

Consult With an Advisor

When you are wondering whether you should get a financial advisor, the answer is often yes. A financial advisor can help you with all the questions that Google can’t. Google can direct you to research the solutions to find the financial advisor, and to better understand what your advisor is suggesting. 

However, you won’t ever be able to save or earn as much as possible without the help of an expert. You’ll find that with the right expert, the cost of the expert is not even noticeable when you see the difference in your financial plan. Consult with a trusted advisor today.

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